Timothy R. Levine

Distinguished Professor & Chair of Communication Studies, University of Alabama at Birmingham

My expertise involves topics of deception detection, interpersonal communication skills, credibility assessment & enhancement, interrogation, and persuasion/influence. 

Student, media, and consulting inquiries are welcome.

Various links and things


My dogs are Ami and Dummy (AKA the dumb dog).


I greatly admire the works of Paul Meehl (another link) and Gerd Gigerenzer.


 I love coffee and one of my favorites is Maui Kaanapali Estate light roast from Maui Coffee Roasters. I discovered Maui coffee Roaster when I used to teach weekend classes on Maui.


 I found this cool autobiography of Jack Hunter. I took 4 classes from Jack in grad school.


 Hee Sun and I are foodies. Here are some links to restaurants we enjoyed.

 http://www.poshscottsdale.com/ (sadly closed)








Sushi Izakaya Gaku in Honolulu (sorry, no link)

Kojima in Seoul is insanely good. Now that Posh in Scottsdale is closed, it might be my favorite. O-ya in Boston was really good too.